About us

     Our company was established in the year 2000.  We mainly export solid oak furniture to European countries. As well as, plywood kitchen cabinets with the solid kitchen doors export to Northern America. We also custom-made wooden entrance doors with decorated iron panel, solid wood interior doors, closet organizer and kitchen cabinets with aluminum-glass doors for builder.
     Starting from year 2010, we had changed our company name from "C & M Manufacturers Ltd" to "Innospace Home Decor Ltd".  We had registered our logo and the brand name “Innospace” and had designed several patented bed cabinets for space saving purpose.  "Innospace" is targeted for the new generation of small living space.  Nowadays, properties are in high prices and rents, especially for those very small living area in cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York, London and Tokyo, our space saving bed cabinet and the 5m2 multi-purpose small home concept is very convenient and is an ideal home for single householders.
     We feel very sorry to those people that lost their home or lives due to all the natural disaster like earthquake and flooding.  In 2011, we set up a joint-venture company - Hong Kong Huakaifeng Prefabricated House Company Limited - with a prefabricated house manufacturer in China - Shenzhen Huakaifeng Light Steel Fabricated Company Limited and is going to supply both prefabricated house and furniture directly to customer.  We had a patented folding house design and it's easy for user to move the house components and to set up the house without the help of heavy machineries which save lots of cost for renting trucks, cranes or forklifts and to employ professional workers for the set up.
     With the mission of saving the earth’s natural resource, we also develop environmental friendly products.  Our patented multi-hole sink help every family save the water resource easily and can reuse the wasted water directly for plantation, cleaning or toilet flushing.  In future, we will develop more environmental friendly products to our possible clients and we hope to co-operate with all friends over the world to protect the Earth.